Internet, Phone, Service Reporting

Roberto Chavez
We are a 7 point store that has 3 internet reps per store. I am looking for a simple way to report Internet Sales, Phone Sales, Be Backs, Repeat Customers, and Service RO's. In this report I also want to track appointments and shows. Does anyone have anything simple that works? What we have right now is a pain to fill out. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Nate Riesen
I'd look to your CRM help desk. The reports that you seek are likely in there and all that you need is for someone to show you where they are. You have to become the sultan of your CRM if you are indeed the "Internet Manager," and not a salesperson posing the title. No dis-respect intended in that comment, but it's really the truth.
Travis Morss
What CRM do you use?
Roberto Chavez
Nate thank you for your response. No posing at all been an Internet Sales Manager for almost a year. We recently changed CRM's from Reynolds to Vin Solutions. The reporting is still something we are working on. The GM wants this report in Excel spreadsheet. I am just reaching out to see if anyone out there has something similar that they fill out on a daily basis.
Travis Morss
My suggestion would be to reach out to your VIN Solutions Support and have them walk you through how make those reports. I know a lot management loves their spreadsheets (guilty myself). A struggle in most dealerships is to get a lot of the "old school" managers to use the CRM. This is a great opportunity to show them the value of it. I would show them the spreadsheet they requested, then pull up the reports in the CRM and show them how fast you can access the same data. Maybe even show them some extra metrics they can find using the reports. Once they see how the CRM will benefit them they will be more likely to move away from the spreadsheet. I recently had this experience at my dealership. Once I sat them down and showed them everything that is already in front of them in the CRM at the touch of a button they began to buy in. All in all like Nate said, you have to be the Master of your CRM so you can sell it to your team.
Roberto Chavez
Travis thank you for your response. I've been trying to put together this spreadsheet and it just isn't really working. Thanks again!

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