Internet Sales Lead Coverage

Loren Cummings
What is the standard policy for Internet Sales incoming lead coverage? How many days should an Internet Sales Manager be covered after responding to an inbound lead? Do they need to make direct contact with the customer or is their constant follow up enough to qualify for a half deal, if they do not help the customer when they arrive at the dealership?
Michael Bilson
Curious why you are asking? If a customer just visited your webpage...but never engaged with anyone before coming that a fresh up or Internet customer? Who should get credit for the sale??
Loren Cummings
I am referring to when a customer submits their phone number and email address wanting someone to give them more information or a quote. Our Internet Sales Managers attempt to contact them by phone number and email. Most of the time the Internet Sales Manager makes contact, sets an appointment and when the customer comes in they sell the vehicle. There have been occasions where the Internet Sales Manager sends several emails and leaves several phone message but the customer never replies back. However, the customer does come in and buy for a floor sales person. Should the Internet Sales Manager get credit for all the attempts to contact the customer within a reasonable amount of time 3-7 days? In my opinion, the customer made first contact by submitting their information.
Steve M
That is always the tricky part. Time and effort was made in making the contact attempts and potentially/hopefully sending useful information in each contact attempt. If the person never replies and then comes in to buy, does the Internet Sales Manager go unawarded? The customer could have been using the information from the emails they received as a way to help them purchase the vehicle OR maybe the customer did not receive any of them and they all went to the spam folder. Its tricky.
Dealer Apex
If the customer is logged in the CRM the Internet department should get some reward. If emails were sent on pricing or incentives be aware, customers are smart today, they will use that info as a crowbar to get a better price from a salesperson on the floor. Unfortunately this happens in the biz Nature of the beast
Parker Lukjanovs
This is the problem with having Internet Sales individuals who actually sell the vehicle. The short answer is NO. Unfortunately since absolutely zero contact was made with the customer, even though the Rep attempted to call and e-mail many times, the credit goes 100% towards the Floor Sales Person you have. I'll tell you why. For one, I've been in ALL three shoes. The Floor Sales person, the Internet Sales person, and the Internet Manager. The Floor Sales Person is going to say "Why?!? You didn't do anything but attempt to call and e-mail and they didn't mention anything or ask for you at all." The Internet Sales Person is going to say "BUT I attempted to call and call and left message after message and sent e-mail after e-mail and the reason they are here HAS to because the customer went online and submitted a lead and because of my constant follow-up even though they never responded." The Internet Manager is going to feel for the Internet Sales Person because 9 times out of 10 they've been in that person's shoes before and they know no matter how many attempts they made to get in touch but to no avail, and then that customer comes in and buys. BUT the Manager also knows that since there was no direct communication between the customer and the internet sales person and it wasn't logged into CRM that there is no way he/she can get credit for this. UNLESS you specifically ask the customer "Did you received any of our e-mails or messages we left on your phone?" Typically the customer says 1 of 2 things. "No," or "Yeah! I did, however I've just been busy but I'm here now!" Or something along those lines. If he/she says Yes, then obviously that person should get credit for contributing to the sale. But back to my original comment this is the problem when you have Internet Sales people that actually sell. I've been around MANY successful dealerships that do have this sort of team, and they manage it perfectly, but I personally prefer to have a Sales Team that sells cars and an Internet Team that sells appointments.

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