Internet Sales Reps

Roberto Chavez
The Nissan store I work at currently operates with 3 internet sales Reps that handle the leads. We are in the process of opening leads up to some of the sales reps on the floor and allowing the Internet reps to take ups. Any of you on here currently operating like this? How do you guys like it? Thank You!
Kemick Larson
I used to work in a dealership that did this. Depending on what kind of training your dealership has is how it will end up. The dealership I was working at had 1/2 of the Sales people dedicated as hybrids (internet/floor-ups) getting about 60-80 leads per month, but there was training every day and was a military style dealership where if you weren't willing to be involved, you were gone. The other 1/2 were just regular sales people. In my eyes, I saw a pretty decent sized hole in the system with internet people standing outside calling ups for a few hours at a time. Coming from a background as an Internet Director, I wouldn't trust a greenpea with a group of internet lead. Generally your internet department is your special forces of the dealership. With that comes a LOT of extra training and a more dynamic understanding of how the dealership works and even at minimum a slight understanding of how finance works and what is currently going on back there as well. Bottom line: Did it work? My answer is yes, but left a hole in the dealership... Internet Sales should be able to put out 50-60 calls per day average with working deals front to back, working floor-ups will not allow for that
Robert Karbaum
No Internet Lead strategy can work without discipline. If you don't inspect what is being done with your leads very closely, then you are at serious risk of lost opportunity.
Shaun Weissman
Never in favor of handing Internet leads to sales reps on the floor. What is more important.. The lead that walks in the door or the internet lead that just came in? The salesperson is going to take the floor up. You need a dedicated group of people that are responsible for ensuring those leads are handled properly and correctly.
Lauren Moses
Shaun is right about the salesperson taking the floor up first. I handle all of our internet leads here. We are a smaller store so it's not too much for me to handle by myself. If the customer gets here and I'm tied up with someone else and they aren't busy then I will let them take it from there. But that has rarely happened in the 7 months that I've been here. It is how you work it and the skills of those involved. I would say set up a follow up schedule and make sure that they are sticking to it. For internet leads and lot ups.
Vincent R
I once worked at a dealership that had an internet department that wasn't allowed to take ups unless they were busy. I didn't like it because then I would just be standing around all day with like ten other sales people outside. Internet department would just be SITTING around all day. I work at a dealership that allows us to take phone calls, follow up with internet leads AND take ups. I like it much better because then we can keep busy doing SOMETHING. Shaun, would you mind elaborating on what you mean by handling internet leads properly and correctly? Why don't you think your floor reps aren't able to handle the leads? "Get 'em in" is pretty much all that needs to be done isn't it?

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