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Steve Devereaux
We use HomeNet for our Inventory Management to upload pictures and what not to. I was glad once we switched from Dealer Specialties about a year and a half ago because we can upload all of the pictures at once and it does seem to be a much better company in someways, however we have had our share of problems with them. 1. One thing is that the VINs pick up Onstar for each vehicle no matter what. Certain vehicles do not have Onstar and the customer asks what telemetics is and we have to explain to them that that's not our fault. 2. A lot of times the automatic and manual transmissions do not get picked up by Homenet, so we have to manually put them in there. 3. Some times the window stickers we print off are WACK and have random options that don't make any sense. Here's an example of a window sticker I am looking at: -Steel Wheels - really has hubcaps -Tires - Front All Season -Tires - Rear All Season -Tires - Front Performance -Tires - Rear Performance - This car has 8 tires! -Bucket Seats - Really has bench seats This is all on one window sticker and all of this information is wrong! We have several recurring problems with this company and are considering changing to a different company. If you have any information you can share about your Inventory Management provider it would be very helpful! Thanks to anyone who's willing to share their knowledge with the rest of us! Thanks!!
Bryan Armstrong
I've had Homenet and think they are a good product but much prefer the UI and functionality of VinSolutions even if it's just for Inventory Management. It's inexpensive and fully customizable and integrates well.
John Giordano
We are using CDM Data which has been great, but are getting a big push from management to switch to Homenet. Thank you for your input, because now I have some real experience to compare.
Steve Devereaux
Why does your management want to switch to Homenet? Is it because of the lower expense? How long have you had CDM Data? Do they just offer inventory management? Do you know how much they are a month? Do you have any problems with them? So Bryan, you think VinSolutions is the way to go? Do you currently use them every day? Any problems with them? How much is it a month? Do you know if they have a automatic description generator?
John Giordano
Our fleet and commercial division has it's own website and inventory management solution, but it is a manual process to upload to commercial truck trader unless you use Homenet. The push is to consolidate operations and hopefully see some cost savings. On the surface, it looks like a lower cost, but I am not familiar with their products and have not yet made a side by side comparison to see if there is actual savings. We have had CDM Data for over 4 years; and we use them for vehicle data management, window stickers and inventory distribution to 3rd party sites, plus they offer a bunch of other products. What makes it beneficial to us is the computer tablet that allows you to scan the VIN and "stock-in" the vehicle right on the lot. Or, they can upload directly from your DMS into their AutoOffice product. Their customer service and account representation has been outstanding and I have been able to teach all of my staff to use it very quickly.
Eric Miltsch
Steve, We've always been with CDM and have been happy with the product & service. As with most of the inventory vendors, there are always things they can improve upon. The good thing is that they're aware & always rolling out new features. I can back up everything John G mentioned above as well...we're using it in the same fashion. I'm curious to hear more about some of the features you're looking for that you feel you may not have with Homenet.

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