Is CSI Reporting A Bust?

Derrick Woolfson

Do your dealers CSI scores truly reflect your dealerships efforts? Or are we just chasing a number to get a kickback from the OEM? What if anything does your OEM CSI Score do for you? 

Brian Nieves

SO much pressure to to reach OEM expectations - I feel like we are just chasing a number. I think a better way to measure success would be with service and sales retention. 

Bart Wilson

Agreed Brian.  I feel there are better metrics to measure the experience.  The current CSI system is broken.

Derrick Woolfson

Well said, Brian - in fact, I would argue that OEM's are aware of the "pressure" they put on dealerships. For example, some OEM's have elected to do a "pre-survey" survey. In which case, they (some not all) allow the dealer the chance to rectify the situation before s/he were to get the full survey. The biggest issue with this "fix" is that more often than not the customer is not going to complete both surveys, no? Especially not if the OEM survey is more than 25 pages! 

Derrick Woolfson

@Bart, another issue I have with many of the OEM's are the questions they use on the survey. Many of the questions are ambiguous; such as "rate your experience" from Poor, Somewhat Poor, Exceptional, or Truly Exceptional." I cannot tell you how many times I have had customers say "I do not give anyone a 'perfect' score (and while it was hard not to give a look, to be honest) - it occurred to me that realistically, no one is perfect. Not to mention, there are usually areas on the OEM survey that are out of the sales consultants control; amenities, facility, inventory, etc. BUT, they are still responsible, and a negative score can make or break their OEM kickback tier, and for those dealerships who tie the OEM kickbacks - as a substantial part of the pay plan - can have a negative impact not just on the employee, but the overall morale. To where I have seen sales consultant try and purposefully not sell a new car. 

Mark Rask

i think it is helpful

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