Is DealerRater still relevant?

Adam Ross
My dealer clients certainly think so... Not sure if customers even really know much about it but for a select few, however perception is reality.
Ron Henson
I think you're right Adam. The average customer probably isn't familiar with DealerRater until they google the dealership.
Ryan Leslie
Eh, who uses Google, right? :) Wow, I badly want to share a ton of data, but I can't figure out how to do it in a way that won't feel "salesy." I hate that in a forum and I'm not going to do it. I'll answer any question offline and any direct ones here from dealers too... I will say this though, I don't have to sell the relevance of DealerRater, dealers can see a partial view of our relevance every time they search for their business name on Google. DealerRater shows up in position #4 or lower of organic search results in SERP1 87% of the time for a dealer's name only. I don't care what review site we're talking about, if someone is in your ear telling you that a review site that shows above the fold SERP1 87% of the time for a name search only is NOT relevant, you may want to question that advice... Last thought, and I'm terribly proud of this because to me it says more about DealerRater than anything I could say, before I had a chance to finish this post, one of our dealer partners emailed me just to make sure I knew about it. If DealerRater weren't relevant to him and his business I can't believe he would have taken the time.
Ron Henson
I was hoping you would chime in on this post Ryan! When my client asked the question I reinforced our policy of Vendor Neutrality at DrivingSales (even though I certainly have my own opinion from my years in the dealership) but I suggested that we put it out to the community and see what they think. Thank you for your input and I hope that your dealer partner who shared the forum post with you and many other dealers as well, will weigh in.
Jeremy Alicandri
Salespeople prefer Dealerrater because the site allows reviews to be matched with the saleperson's Dealerrater profile. However, I've found that our consumers are visiting other review sites first - or not visiting Dealerrater at all. However, trying to explain my logic to a self-interested salesperson is a futile feat.
Ryan Leslie
Hey Jeremy, that is a really interesting comment. You get at the heart of "relevance." Relevance is always personal. Your team is doing a great job collecting reviews and leveraging the aspects that are most relevant to them personally. Frank Cortale should absolutely be telling his unsold prospects to "Google" him since his individual page is in SERP1 position 3! To the unsold prospect that cares about customer service, seeing Frank's page in search for his name only is tremendously relevant, wouldn't you agree? I don't blame him at all for wanting to retain that competitive advantage. I'm curious, what makes you think that your consumers are visiting DealerRater last or not at all? Not trying to be confrontational, hopefully you know that already, are you attempting to source review content influence in the same way you source an advertising expense? I'd love to hear more about that. .

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