Is it better to hire from within or outside the industry?

Jared Hamilton
When looking for sales, internet sales and internet marketing managers do you hire people from inside the business or outside the business? Where do you source most of your employees?
Joe Webb
I always believe that if you can promote from within, you do so. If you are doing a strong job hiring candidates for your dealerships in the first place, there is no reason those that have succeeded don't deserve the opportunity to climb up the corporate ladder. I believe that if you hire for EVERY position as if you are hiring a future General Manager, it is a good start for finding talent internally. A dedicated training regimen inside the dealership coupled with the willingness of the candidate to learn new skills are the two requirements that will allow you to hire from within.
Eric Miltsch
Great question Jared. I come from the school of thought that you hire the best person for the position regardless of whether they're in the business or not. That philosophy is due to my CEO's decision to ask me to come on board in the beginning. (I wasn't in the industry for those who may be curious) Sure, where they come from is important, but one's abilities and passion - and where they want to go are good indicators as well. Hiring for an automotive sales position may have different elements to it; not my area of expertise - but I can spot talent & drive as most of here probably as well. As for sourcing, that's a good one too. Interested in hearing where others source from as well.
Jay Radke
Eric, Joe and Jared, From my experience, I would land somewhere in the middle with this. Hiring people that align with the culture of the operation and are full of passion for what they do is important, but experience and a proven track record of performance as a sales person doesn't always equate to a great manager of sales people. My view is to look for the best hire - inside your company or outside your company. Throughout my career in the industry, we employed the following "best hire" matrix when deciding on possible managers/important roles. This methodology was a filter for interested internal candidates or recruits from outside. I would take all possible candidates for an open position and evaluated them equally on the following characteristics prior to narrowing the list down to the top 2. 1. Work Ethic - Do they have the drive? 2. Coachability - Can they accept criticism and turn failure into success? 3. Aptitude - Are they smart enough to raise the bar, be promoted again, handle their role? 4. Team building skills - Can they rally the team in tough times, celebrate success and will their sales team follow their lead? 5. Aggressiveness/Passion - Are they innovative, self-motivated and proactive? Don't need a poke to get going. 6. Attitude/Presence amongst peers - When they walk in a room of their peers are they an obvious leader? Now when it comes to hiring for Internet related positions I am sure the "perfect" hire will elude most of the industry, but making better hires is definitely possible. Check out this article interesting read. Personally I am a big fan of hiring someone with passion,drive and geniune curiousity of innovation.
Jim Bell
I am with Joe on this one. I am one to promote from within, unless there is a better canidate out there. I have been on both ends of the fence where I have been hired in from the outside and also been what I thought was overlooked within the organization. If there is longevity with the employee within, that says a lot and he/she has devoted themselves to the company and may deserve a chance at it. At one point, we all moved into management without experience so why not give a 'green pea' a chance, unless it's me of course. :)

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