Is SEO for car dealers like a Yeti?

Stan Sher
Funny, I just finished putting together a plan to build and help manage a BDC for a Honda dealership about the same time you posted this. One of the things that I integrated into my plans is to hire 2 interns at any given time for how long they need to be around. Yes the company is doing massive things with a digital agency and that focuses on the basic stuff. However, you want someone to be in there managing it the right way and be actively involved. Your ad agency can only do so much for what you pay them and in some cases it could be basic or generic work. This store is in a very upscale area and home to one of the biggest and best ivy league universities in the world. My was to get digital marketing majors to come in and work under the internship and help manage what the dealership needs. It gets the dealership more productivity while also giving that individual a chance to get real world experience. I would do the same thing with a communications major and have them work the BDC handling phones and CRM related work. It builds experience that no college will ever teach you (trust me, I know). But to make it a sweeter deal the dealership will pay out a $2500 check at the end of the internship after it is completed which is good towards covering student loans. My thought processes is that if you can mix in-house and outsourcing together and be a whole step above the competition.
Ron Henson
That's a really fantastic idea Stan. I was the GM of a Honda store for years and I definitely would have been open to progressive thinking like that.
Russ Chandler
If your SEO company isn't able to provide justify your investment with them with data then your with the wrong company. If your looking for the right option for SEO, add me and shoot me a message.
Stan Sher
Thanks Ron...if I can get $100k worth of productivity for $10k and also help someone enhance their future I am game. Also, being that this is an affluent dealership I would have press all over it and use it to market the store. Affluent successful people love reading this kind of news.
Dawn Preston
Many car dealers around my city have a very different way of commencing SEO for their services. Their extent of internet marketing is very low, keeping the emphasis towards quality by communicating through existing customers directly and by local newspapers. However, if they do seek some cheap SEO services, there should be some increase in total productivity.

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