Keeping Up with the Joneses

Gary Sanders
I recently had a conversation with a family member regarding her situation. She and the father of my niece have a great relationship. He is remarried and business is good. My sister has struggled and feels like she has to keep up with the nice house and things he provides my niece. I remind her not to worry about “Keeping Up with the Joneses” because who do you think they are trying to keep up with? The reason I started this discussion this way is dealers and from time to time manufactures are always looking and reacting to what the others are doing. An example of this is dealer website designs and the content. A Gary May Blog of encouraged dealers to change home page designs away from what your competitor is doing. If your website is a virtual extension of your showroom and service, what makes you different? It is funny (and not soo funny at the same time) to have your own customer check there vehicle in for service and later on in the day returns the Service Advisors phone call from an 800 number online on Callbright. Think about this. This is your customer, who has purchased from you, has a Repair Order (RO) with the store number and they continue to go online to contact you. So if this is where your customers are, make it easy for them to transition from a just a visitor. Get your customers to interact with your site. Continue to grow. Continue to lead the way. Assume you are the Joneses.
Jared Hamilton
As in all things there are leaders and there are followers and by nature of life, most are followers. Dealerships are no difference. Another good example is the monthly trophy. How many of us clamor to be number one in our zone, yet volume does not equal profitability! Personally I would rather have the best income statement and balance sheet than the trophy for top volume dealer in the zone. However because of the public perception of the trophy, too many managers make decisions going after the wrong goal... just trying to keep up with others. What would you rather have, the top dealer trophy or the best financial statement?
Susan Burgess the insides to others outside thought provoking post- retweeting this one!

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