Kelly Blue Book Car Power - Inventory Manager

Steve Devereaux
It's only $699 per year. Is it any good? Anyone ever use it?
Jim Bell
Seems a little cheap for a true 'inventory manager.' What does it do?
Steve Devereaux
From my understanding, it does everything from window stickers to sending your inventory out to the 3rd parties. Your locked into it for a year because you prepay for it. It is very cheap for an inventory manager. I'd like to see someone that uses it. FYI... KBB also came out with a new product that you can book the cars out by the VIN number. You buy 1000 credits and it books them out for you. If your priced aggressively and have a lot of inventory you can use it for advertising.
Jim Bell
I don't know if I would call that an inventory manager. I would say that a vAuto or product like that is more of an inventory manager. If you are just looking to push your inventory, your website provider should do that for you. As far as window stickers, I would hope that would be included in that price. I do remember using it at the VW store I was at several years back and we just used it for the window stickers, but printed on plane paper with our logos, etc on it. I don't remember what the cost was on it though. If it posts all of your inventory on, it may be worth it.
Steve Devereaux
I always thought the inventory manager was the service you upload the vehicle pictures and descriptions too. I'm pretty sure that that's technically what it is. vAuto does have a very comprehensive service that is similar. It is very expensive though. We never got on it because of the cost, but it looks like a very good program (I think it was $500-800 a month from what I remember). The raised the price in the last year I think. We are using HomeNet now for about $300 a month. It's a good service once you get the gist of it. For example, we've been on it for about 2 years now and for the first year we would run into issues with the wrong options showing up for a vehicle every now and then. We would complain to their service team about it and then one day we figured out that there are matches that you can select inside the program that their service people didn't even know about. For example a VIN might decode several different options packages and you could select one (eg 1LT Long Wheel Base, 1LT Short Wheel Base) and we never knew that you could do that and nobody told us we could. Once we got that problem figured out I really can't complain too much about them. They are much cheaper than the other providers out there. We are using Cobalt as our website provider.
Jim Bell
Cobalt should be able to push your inventory to your third party vendors as part of your package. There are very few companies that will explode the VIN correctly when it comes to the domestic brands. They just have too many option packages, etc. It may or may not be worth the money. You will still have to go out to the car and double check all of the option packages and extra options that the vehicle would have.

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