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Larry Schlagheck
A few weeks ago I took my wife's vehicle in for routine maitenance at the dealer we bought it from. Great dealership. Family run, and very personable. I've known the family for a few years, but even before I knew them personally they always treated me right. When I took the car in, I needed a ride home, so my 5-year-old son and I got a lift from a dealership employee; an older gentleman, probably retired, but I never found out. And, that was the problem. This guy was boarderline rude. Never smiled. Didn't at all try to have a conversation. And, really left me feeling less about the dealership as a whole. So, here's the question: How do you know that you're hiring the right people that put your dealership in a favorable light?
Randall Prince
I think the most obvious way to see if you're hiring the right people is customer feedback. Simply doing follow-up calls with customers is a great way to decide. If you're getting poor feedback, then it's time to change your hiring practices. Another great way to ensure your employees are "the right people" is to train them to be. Come up with standard operating procedures for various jobs, train your staff and then test them. Use apprenticeships/shadows to give practical feed back with direct accountability. I think this is standard practice with any company that has a majority of staff in customer service (food service, etc.)

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