Lead Assignment And Maximum Leads

Vidushi Jain

Unless you are using round robin, a sales rep can end up with unproportionate leads with auto assignment. Curious to know if dealerships put a cap on the number of leads a rep is serving or strive to reach an average lead per sales rep?

Derrick Woolfson

The max leads per rep (regardless of system) should be no more than 125 with the average being 75. It all depends, though, on the lead source too. As certain sources carry more weight than others. 

Mark Rask

Derricks numbers make sense.....too many leads is terrible

Brendan Dolan

We found that 100 workable leads was the high water mark. Select few could work more leads, but most sales guys would start cherry picking past 100. 

Vidushi Jain

Thanks Derrick, Mark and Brendan. This has been really helpful. Between do these leads include rollover from last month or these are fresh leads?

Chris K.

Lead Assignment is not an issue, if you are an organized dealership. A lead is a lead, like an up is an up. For example, many years ago I made $3500 commision on a person others passed on, and it was a $17,000 gross deal!  Yes, an internet lead! So never prejudge. Also we route all leads through the BDC and assign to sales person when they arrive for the appointment, or if they already worked with the sales person in the past, they can work with them or someone else. BDC does all post non-sale follow up. The best part of the CRM are the NOTES section in each client, and most errors and lack of communication in a linear fashion stem from lack of information in that section. We are our own worst enemies and we do not need more technology to fix it.

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