Lead Response Time

Ron Henson
What is the target lead response time at your dealership? Do you have governance in place to assure performance?
Tony Wood
Our goal is 15 minutes. After 30 minutes, the CRM unassigns the originally assigned Sales Professional, and it's up to the Sales manager to reassign it. Since he never does, I always end up doing so and keep a pretty close eye on it. Therefore, I am the fail safe, lol. Also, if a lead is a TDDS 3rd party lead and it ends up burning for over an hour, then Toyota sends out an e-mail saying it's been burning that long to myself and the GM. If I'm not off work or in a meeting, that doesn't happen. Unfortunately, I'm frequently in meetings, haha.
Aaron Wyse
Our goal is under 5 minutes, As Internet Manager I am also the fail safe, So I will also be assisting in getting a quick and accurate response to each lead as well. If I am tied up, off the lot, etc.. Our next step is the CRM reassigning to the next member of the Internet Team in the rotation. There are time when speed of a response can be reduced in favor of more information and a better written response. Stress to anyone that is answering your leads. READ what they ask, do not send generic and irrelavent responses.
Lezlie Brannan
We've stepped away from how quickly we respond to how well we respond. Optimally, we like to make a phone call within 10 minutes, and an email within 15-20. We allow time to craft a well thought out email that answers all questions, gives great vehicle information, has good website links for more research, and has a strong call to action. As a result, engagement has gone up.
Lezlie Brannan
We also have a 2 hour alert that goes to a manager to ensure that the lead was handled correctly, any additional info requests were met, and checking out engagement rate.
Andrew Sierra
Our goal is to answer every lead within 5 minutes if my sales staff doesnt respond to them in that time I reach out to the customer to ensure we are responding while we are still relevant to the customer. the longer you wait to respond the less impact you have

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