Leaders in the Automotive Industry

Robert Morgan

As I visit with Dealers and General Managers almost all agree that we do not do enough to help our Managers become better leaders. I agree, we all get "Thrown to the Wolves" so to speak. Results are expected. 

If provided a solution to this most agree something needs to happen. I wonder if all our results driven programs and pay plans are actually feeding into the issue. 

The Automotive Industry is a what have you done lately business. If a "Bad" Manager gets results we ignore the issue. I had the discussion with a management team about raising a price when a customer did not know about the sale price. It is okay they said. Results over ethics.

Does this business really want to build leaders or build profits and results overlooking almost anything else? We all know customers hate our process yet we still teach the same steps from 30 years ago. Same ads, pricing no one qualifies for.

There are many great Leaders in our business. To those Leaders, we are forever in your debt. Thank You. Unfortunately, the majority take results over ethics.

Is it results over ethics?

Chris K Leslie

How is it unethical to get the most out of the products you sell? 

Robert Morgan

My point was asking the question. If you have a car on sale and your customer does not know it, is it ok to raise the price? its an ethical point, is it ok to take advantage of the unknowing, employee or customer.

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