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Ron Henson
What are the pros and cons to managing your live chat in-house vs outsourcing?
mark rask
We have tried both.....we have found at our dealership that outsourcing works better....The company that we use does da great job of getting the appt. I found that we had a lot of challenges getting the proper coverages when needed at the store
Chris K Leslie
Chat is easy and the software is free. I wouldn't outsource it ever. it's not like we're at&t or something. We are in all reality a local business. We are not expected to behave like an international company with 24/7 support
Andrew Compton
Not having chat is detriment, but having only chat and video-chat could also be viewed as a detriment if you can't share and edit documents or obtain e-signatures from your communication platform. The term is omini-channel and the new chat providers offer it.
Chris K Leslie
I havent seen how not having the ability for someone to send me an E-signature in a chat window is causing us harm.
Clint Jones
For me, chat in general is simply not worth the brain damage. Do it in house, and we deal with trying to staff it and get to the chat requests on time. Outsource it and we piss our customers off. We finally just shut it down. We didn't have enough requests to make it even a 5 minute conversation in our meeting. We now offer Text Us directly from the VDP. If a customer wants to reach me, they can.

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