Losing 3000 dealers

John Warner
Dear Driving Sales: My partner and I have extensive backgrounds in the dealership business, and we have developed a comprehensive, organized, thoughtful process to follow for those of the approximately 3000 dealers that are going to have to go from ongoing operations to termination of operations. This is a complicated process, and a dealer going through it without a plan will likely leave a lot of money on the table, and a dealer that follows a solid process will come out of his or her unfortunate situation a lot better off. Can I blog about it? I never wrote a blog in my life, but I'm willing to learn. How can I best utilize drivingsales.com to get feedback and promote this venture? Best regards, John Warner
Joe Webb
Hello John, I think a program developed to ease the blow, so to speak, for dealers needing to close their doors is imperative. It's a sad fact that the automotive industry needs to downsize their dealerships in the first place, but it is a necessary evil for others survive. Like anyone suffering, a helpful hand and a guiding light can save a lot of dealers from the grief of losing their store(s). It is a worthy cause. I'd suggest that you continue to market the program in places like Driving Sales and other blogs where dealers look for resources. You may want to consider creating a video detailing the program as well. - Or they can hire a smart ecommerce consultant knowledgeable to implement a program that can save their dealership. Best of luck. Joe

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