Love Your Job

Ron Henson
What do you love about the car business and about your particular role at the dealership?
mark rask
digital marketing manager rocks!
Eric Savage
My role as Principal has changed dramatically over the last 9 years. What started as a job where I was "in charge" (and somewhat obsessed with that role) has transformed radically into the role of a Life Improvement Specialist. My only concern today is whether or not I'm helping people have an improved life - whether tending to a customer's specific needs, or my favorite, helping fellow coworkers see an opportunity inside of them to become a bigger, better and brighter version of themselves. Our old conversations in the dealership were about how we were going to sell more cars, sell more service and sell more parts. Today we talk about how we're going to create more value for others, improve more lives and make our community stronger. We used to think about how we were going to "get" more and more. Now we think about how we can GIVE more and more. So what do I love most about this business? I love that it can be anything we want it to be... including what Freedom Auto Group is becoming.
Ron Henson
Good stuff Eric Savage!
Donna Bavely
Hi Chris, You say you're the internet manager of your dealership...I'm curious - do you respond to all email forms/leads as yourself or do you "tee-up" a salesperson at your store to hand them off if/when the customer makes an appt?
Nicolaas de Bruin
I love cars!! I own and operate my small used car dealership. I cherry pick and test drive the car before I buy them, then I test drive them for about 100 miles and fix what needs fixing before I put them up for sale. I try to sell most cars with warranty that way clients don't need to worry for the first couple of months.

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