Jared Hamilton
Joan - can you provide some context into what you are doing right now to advertise. how is your budget split between the various channels, and what type of marketing activities are you doing. With that info, we can certainly provide you with some great feedback.
Well, we have tried the old tried and true newspaper and we felt we did pretty well locally. Unfortunately, the powers that be think it is outmoded form of communication. We've done a radio rap that brought in challenged buyers, but was popular. We are doing the personalized, flyer/invitation now, but we haven't seem much response to it yet. Commercials we have done in conjunction with the group and seem to get some response. There just doesn't seem to be anything that it motivating people to get here to us. We have had a steady current, I guess, over the past few weeks, but we need an increase and just not sure if there is something we are missing. We have online help guiding people to our site. We think we have the holes in the dam plugged, but still seem to be missing something.
Paul Rushing
Joan one of the things that you can do to get in market buyers raising their hands really fast is to get your inventory on craigslist. This will provide immediate phone and email traffic. There are many vendors in the marketplace that offer this service. IF you need some guidance feel free to reach out to me.
Bill Simmons
Joan, all of the sources that you mentioned are traditional forms of advertising, with no mention of digital activity. A good mix of both is needed these days. I did a quick search for your dealerships name on Google and do not see any listings for your dealership other than your website. Have you tried AutoTrader, or other inventory listing services?. As car dealers we need to get the consumers eyeballs on our inventory and digital channels can accomplish that faster than traditional ads.
Russ Chandler
@Joan- I have to agree with Bill here, I checked out your digital footprint and there are a number of opportunities you could be taking advantage that would show a quick lift in activity. If you like traditional marketing but need to integrate with some new I would look into some direct mail. There are several tools like kiosks and landing pages that integrate that more traditional form of advertising in with your digital assets. This would be a very quick win.
Darren Colby
The hardest thing to measure is what pieces of your advertising are working. We built a product with that in mind. We go to the sellers instead of waiting for them to come to our website, dealerships, etc... Check out, we are an innovative two way texting platform that grabs all private party sellers in a specified area, clean the data, and drops that data into our platform for you to communicate with. We have a 98% open rate and we interface with people actively trying to sell their cars. If you'd like to see a demo, let me know. My name is Darren and I am one of the owners. Thanks, Darren

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