Master Class: Career Pathing

Jason Volny

In your most recent homework assignment, you were tasked with creating levels for a specific job role.  What are some of the requirements you make necessary for an employee to complete before they are eligible to "level up"?

Jennifer Bueckert

I gave them basic skills to learn before they can level up

Robert Niven

The basics are essential. This includes something as simple as how to answer the phone with the tone of your dealership. You may or mat not be surprised how many people answer a business phone with just a "hello." Something more appropriate would be, "Thank you for calling Level-Up Motors, this is Jason, how may I be of assistance?" Without the basics, there is no base to build on.

Chris K Leslie

Being able to create a new prospect in the CRM is one of ours. 

Bart Wilson

Good call @Chris.  It's always good to find ways to reinforce CRM usage

Christopher Berglof

I'm with Chris K Leslie, I did have things like "Demonstrate Adding Customer in CRM" for my Level 1 Trainee salesperson quota. This homework was not easy. I struggled with reward structure, but figure I can add/revise later.

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