Master Class Week 2: Scorecards and Performance Reviews

Bart Wilson

This week in the Master Class you learned about performance reviews, and we asked you to create a scorecard for one job role.  What are some of the metrics you've decided to score your employees on?  Please post the standard and the metrics.

Jordan Cronkhite

Just sent completed scorecard worksheet over to Craig.  Decided to score employees on # of units sold, front-end selling gross, Be-back closing %, Walk-in closing %, Individual CSI scores and Manager-assigned courses completion %.  Tried to pick at least one quota from each of the 4 categories.  I think Manager-assigned courses completion % will be a good one as we can assign specific courses to certain team members to cover areas of opportunity that will benefit them individually.

Mark Rask

That's a great start

Steve  Mckenna

Picked the following to score our sales people on:

units sold/front-end gross/assigned training courses/walk-in closing %/be-back closing %

Christopher Berglof

@Jordan Cronkhite, I think I'll be stealing your quota's to use. Haven't been able to participate live in either of the first two training sessions, looking forward to the next one.

Cleimore Perdon

Just completed our score card for sales team. Focus was on the following; Vehicle presentation / demo drives/ service intros/ offers/ sold on 1st and sold on beback traffic. 


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