Master Class Week 2: Scorecards and Performance Reviews

Bart Wilson

This week in the Master Class you learned about performance reviews, and we asked you to create a scorecard for one job role.  What are some of the metrics you've decided to score your employees on?  Please post the standard and the metrics.

Matt Grubbs

It seems like the majority of this training is on the sales end of things. It is very interesting adapting that outlook for service, and comparing the two.

Wade Harvey

This was a very good exercise for us to complete.  What we found was that we already measure on the same things but we did not agree with what our minimum standards should be and what it takes to rise to different levels. this allowed us to put in a new measuring standard!!

Bart Wilson

@Wade, good insight.  There is a lot of value in completing this exercise as a team.  Consistent levels are a good outcome.

Robert Niven

Set up a BDC Scorecard - lead response time, lead to contact, contact to appointment, appointment to show, outbound call number, client retention calls/emails. Focus on what is going to make the biggest impact. Build the base and go from there.

Bart Wilson

Good call @Robert.  Eat that elephant one bite at a time....

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