Master Class Week 2: Scorecards and Performance Reviews

Bart Wilson

This week in the Master Class you learned about performance reviews, and we asked you to create a scorecard for one job role.  What are some of the metrics you've decided to score your employees on?  Please post the standard and the metrics.

Jean Ryan-Niemackl

As an Onboarding Coordinator scoring for a sales team isn't part of my expectations so I don't have much to add. 

Pablo  Silvaz

I'm starting with BDC.  Let's be real, if we're taking the class we may have no experience building one of these.  I'll be using a lot of the same metrics in the sample page. 

Bart Wilson

@Pablo, that's a good place to start.  I feel like half the battle is just getting into the habit of scoring.  You can always adjust the metrics as you get more familiar with the process.

Jason Volny

@Jean you still have a lot to offer. In our organization, we had to create our own performance review quotas. Meaning, how would our leadership know if we were productive and performing at a high level. If someone else has an Onboarding Coordinator, what should they focus on? 

Morgan Hardy

Putting these metrics in place is the hardest part. Then tweaking them to a point where they make sense. They have had to be changed more than once monthly with everything that's been going on lately. 

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