Meet Our Staff: Do your pics look like mugshots?

Ron Henson
What are the your thoughts on staff pages with pictures? Pro or Con?
Dennis Galbraith
Great topic Ron. I've seen dozens of those mugshot photos. The pictures need to look like someone who is friendly. There should also be a description of the person (e.g. helped over 500 people get a new car, Girl Scout leader, and former cheerleader at the local high school the year they went to state). There should also be a video. Sound and motion help shoppers get comfortable with the sales person. Many shoppers never look at the staff pages, but those who do are doing it for a reason. The profiles of your team members could be the difference between meeting the shopper and not.
Ron Henson
Great comments Dennis! I, like you, have seen many staff pages that the dealership would have been better off not having one at all. Make sure the pics are all the same size and are taken with the same background. And will somebody please tell the technicians that it's ok to smile!
Lauren Moses
Thankfully I think ours are all good. Nothing done with just a digital camera standing next to a wall, they are all professional head shots. We don't have our entire staff listed strictly managers. No videos either. I don't do well in front of cameras so I don't push that one. I do snap pictures from around the dealership and post them on facebook so our customers new and old can see that they are dealing with real down to Earth people.
Ron Henson
Hi Lauren, I'm curious why you only have managers on the staff page.
Dustin Lyons
I am a huge believer in getting your customers and your sales people in front of each other as soon as possible. This is a relationship business, and people buy because they like and trust their salespeople. The internet has made the first point of contact further away from the actual sales person, meaning that peoples first exposure to a dealership is now online rather than being met by a friendly sales person as they come onto the lot. So doing things to create that trust and rapport with the customers while they are shopping online is very important to building and maintaining the relationships with customers. Customers don't want to be sold, they don't want old school high pressure, and that is why lead generators based on low prices have flourished, the down side is that they hurt gross, and continue to foster the stereotypes and mistrust with dealers and sales people. So anything that a dealership can do to build and maintain trust and rapport with customers and leveraging their customers sphere of influence is crucial. Staff pages with photos are great, but I would definitely recommend taking it a big step forward and having a separate website where each salesperson has their own profile page, contact info, more pictures of them, their family, what they do for fun etc... This is a great way to humanize the salespeople so that your customers feel very comfortable working with them. It closes the gap between salesperson and customer and helps build common ground. How often are we told that we need to sell 3 things when selling a car, the car, the dealership, and ourselves. People can get a Camry anywhere, but they can't get your talented sales person and the experience that they will create. We need to show our customers this before they decide where to shop. By having a full engaging page with pictures and video will show your customers that you are very different from your competition that only has a few staff pictures on an obscure page buried somewhere deep in the site that typically gets lost in all the incentive ads, and current specials banners, and inventory. Video is definitely a big part of this rather than just pictures. If a picture is worth 1000 words, how many pictures is a video worth? By having a full site with dedicated pages you get much more engagement from your sales team, they actually feel like they can help with the marketing, and they have their own online billboard so to speak that they can post links to social media and send customers to their page. And with optimized video and YouTube channels you can really drive more search results and traffic and the nice thing is it will be based on value and a relationship rather than a blowout under invoice price , $3000 off MSRP, or an inflated sight unseen trade appraisal. If you want more leads and more gross, build trust and rapport with the customer as soon as possible, sell yourself and the experience, and leverage your customers friends and family. And don't stop with just intro videos, do follow up and thank you videos. This particular dealership has seen huge response from sending out links to their pages and videos. They have seen a huge increase in email open rates, email responses, and have generated much more customer and salesperson engagement. The GSM called me the other day to report that they had seen 8 deals in the last 10 days that have come because of utilizing their site and videos. Be Different Be Better.

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