Messaging structure: Sourced or in-house

Bart Wilson

Which structure do you use to handle your chat, text, and other messaging?  Why?

Martins Ville

Well, in as much as you avoid Bart, directly talking about Drift chat in favor of a more car industry designed chat product, I'm quite confident that most dealers aren't quite sure what chat product they have and how effective or ineffective it really is because they have no idea what the real world is using to conquer The chat issue. For everybody that's out there I highly recommend you do a search for a company called they have this solution every dealer needs for their website their email replies and everything in between. Email his dead, chat is King. And until you've seen what a real chat service looks like you have no idea what it's all about.

Chris K Leslie

We handle the bulk of it in house. We’ve been using for our chat service for years. It’s an open source product. I’ve looked at drift too and it’s really great.

Derrick Woolfson

In-house. That is not to say that there are not sources - like Drift - out there that offer quality responses, BUT I have found that it is best if your own team is handling them. They know the inventory, dealer processes, etc. all of which can offer the customer a better experience. It also lessens the chance of their being break-points in the customers experience - i.e. vehicle is not at the dealership, miss-quoted pricing, and/or miss-gave information to name a few. One of the providers we used had a lot of the above issues, which caused more chaos than necessary. That and it was much harder to connect with them to discuss the issues as it is not a consistent team that handles your dealer's chats. 

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