Millennial Women and Your Market Share

Anne Fleming

Here is a post I just added about Millennial Women & Your Market Share. What are your thoughts or ideas for engaging these buyers at your dealership?

Dealer Guy

Anne, thanks for your continued efforts and for creating your own brand, I wish you success. I have been selling cars online since 1999 and I've always marketed similarly to all generations despite "trends" that pop up. I promise you especially when women are involved at any age - a good ear, some respect, manners, and consideration go far.

The data on Millenials is a little lopsided. For instance, we see very few 17-21 year olds buying cars. Their folks might be buying, but the real facts about income production resound among us all at the older age levels, because we were all young and we know younger people have less money. I know I did, and my friends and I don't think much has changed.

I'm 53 - I can qualify for a lot, within my means. At 23, not so much. Not every kid makes big bucks, and credit still has to be earned. Many parents co-sign too.

All buyers desire the same things: is it the right car for my needs, is it right for me and do I like it, am I getting a value, is it the best price, is this the dealer right for me, ok let's go...

nothing about a Millenials require the above to change.

I find it amusing we are still trying to make car selling so much harder than it is by defining each generation as requiring a specialized selling process - and that makes it possible for disruptive innovators to pump out products you folks might buy, but why do we need to shake the apple cart?  I vehemently disagree because if you implement kindness, dignity, and respect into ALL your marketing and customer communications, you will get similar results, all demographics, and generations.

I want to sell to who is buying TODAY.

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