Moving on from CDK

Kristen Toth

For Dealers who have finally "broken up" with CDK ... who did you go with and why? 

Chris K Leslie

I am a fan of Dealer Inspire. Mainly because I am a fan of Wordpress as a platform. 

Paul Jones

I am a Dealer Inspire fan for the same reason @Chris is (Wordpress foundation), but also because they have a young energetic team... however, as a GM dealer we had the chance to jump, but stayed with CDK because I was certain that the roll-outs were going to be a complete train wreck and with C2D2 in play, I just didn't want the added disruption. It seems that we may have made the correct choice for the time being. I loath CDK as a content platform and I long for the day we jump, but we are a small dealer group with 3 sites and if I change one, I will change all of them, but not in the middle of the GM exit chaos.

Derrick Woolfson

We went from CDK to Procede software. Their DMS is very user friendly, and is very intuitive and easy to manage. CDK is/remains behind the times with their interface, and incredibly clumsy interface. They have thrown one to many band-aids on their legacy platform, and fail to innovate/evolve. Their cost is also one of the highest out there, too. One of the biggest advantages we have found in using Procede is that their DMS updates in "REAL TIME"!!! No more waiting overnight for that days RO's to populate, etc. 

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