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Ruslan G

First time posting so here it goes...

 A little bit about me... I got in the automotive business at the age of 20 with a porter position with BMW. I did that for 4 months and was given an opportunity to sell Pre-owned vehicles. I had no sales experience, was given an inventory sheet and told to go and sell cars. What helped me was the fact that I was great with people, not pushy and did not have any bad habits. I did well and continued so for 2 years with BMW. I now have been with another high end dealer for 6 months exactly. I am only 23 years old, and the only sales person with a head full of hair or even color, which is an advantage because promotions at the Auto Group I work for tend to promote within. I want to make the Auto Industry a career and end up as a GM. My goal right now is to shoot to F&I or a Sales manager which ever is presented first. So the point of this post is asking people with experience to give me guidance. What should I do to stand out better? What can I do, and what did you do to help reach your promotion? I have been like a sponge ever since getting in the business just absorbing and working. However I have such great desire for leadership and find it quite difficult to patiently wait for the opportunity. Any help or positive feed back is appreciated.

mark rask

Always be open to trying new things>>>also being a team player really helps in the auto industry....I do think that it would be best if you can move in to f and And then to a sales manager spot.

Chris K Leslie
mark rask

Chris ios so right.....find youself a mentor 

Anne Shaneen

I heard some great advice from one of my dealers in the NNA community recently when I asked her how she got to where she was (GSM). She said, 'Act like it's your business and you'll go far.' I couldn't agree more. Take ownership, ask questions, seek the why and move towards accomplishing and satiating the 'why' question. Good luck!

Adam Burns

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was early on in my career.

There was an F&I poistion that opened up and several salespeople applied for the job.  Some were qualified and some definitely were not. In the end, after the position was filled from within by one of the salespeople, there were many dissapointed applicants and some let their attitudes become effected by it.

In a meeting shortly after the change the GM made a point to address the issue. He made a statement that I have shared many times and to this day and has been my mantra with every step I've taken in my career:

"If you want to move up, put yourself in a postition to be the obvious choice."

There really is not much to be read between the lines with that statement.

Make sure that your reputation and performance is at a level where, when your superiors have a conversation about who should fill a position above yours, your name is the one that comes up.

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