Need more ammo to help shopper understand a lease? Ask VW owners...

Big Tom LaPointe
Through the years, negative press about vehicles has had a dramatic impact on vehicles, whether the cause could have been genuine misconduct (Ford Explorers and Firestone Tires) and the VW emissions hoax to likely driver error (Toyota unintended acceleration). In any case, the resale values had unusual value drops, and for a time were nearly impossible to trade in with any reasonable offer. This is the perfect reminder of the benefit of a lease. No matter what has happened to vehicle values, at the end of the term, the buyer hands in the keys and walks away, if condition and other criteria are met. These examples served me for many years on the showroom floor and are a significant closing tool when a WELL-STRUCTURED lease makes sense for a buyer.
mark rask
This is good point....we are always struggling with leases
Lance Knopp
I am a huge advocate of leasing, personally leasing all of my vehicles. I present a lease on first pencil all the time as it is a great option not only for the customer but the long term for the dealership. Though F/I managers may have some push back got to see the big picture I know every dealer is different but for GM here are a few of the advantages. 1. See the customer near or at end of lease term (normally 24-36 months) though normally GM runs lease pull ahead. 2. GM Financial will now allow 2 points in rate markup 3. Normally get to customers payments without giving up frontend gross 4. Still have the opportunity to sells some backend products to maintain good backend PVR When I came to this store they did about 3 leases per year, I am now running about 10-12 leases per month. Texas doesn't have the best tax system for leasing however still ends up to be a good option for customer who trade cars often.
Marie O'Brien
I explain leasing in a comprehensive way. "when you lease a car, it's YOUR car. Years ago, leasing was for the "Rockefeller's so-to-speak". The reality is, Mr.customer, 65% of customers that walk into my showroom, leave in a lease. It's a short-term commitment, low payment, reliable transportation, peace of mind. "In this day and age, people are leasing what depreciates and buying what appreciates" and manufacture's have become more lenient about wear and tear, mile overage, etc." I lease my cars and typically go over on miles, but I trade it in and rectify the situation so I'm not stroking a check at the end".
mark rask
We always struggle in our bdc explaining leases on the phone.....these comments should help them

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