Need some advice, how many outbound follow up emails per day?

Chris Pyle
I could use some help on this one. Not pull a number out of a book help, real honest feedback. We don't have a BDC here and we don't have a split floor. All sales people can take all lead sources and sell new and used. Our total out bound emails last month were 1,517, with 116 average per sales person. Our top guy sent 247 (and he sold the most cars) followed by 227, 213 and 195. All 4 of them were in the top 5 in terms of units sold. Bringing up the rear were 2 guys with a whopping 35 and 37 total sent for the month and they were at the bottom of the pack in sales. Having people send more bad emails won't help, but provided the quality is there, what's a reasonable number to use as a bench mark? These guys take a customer from start to finish and some days they really are busy for 12 hours straight. One of our Managers sent over 750 follow up emails in the past 30 days, so I was thinking about making 25 per day the benchmark number? I've been getting a lot of "but I'm texting with the customer" and "I call with my cell phone" which I don't have a problem with as long as they put notes in the CRM. The only thing I can really track is the outbound email follow up, so am I crazy here, or is there a major opportunity if this number goes up? Thanks in advance!
Grant Gooley
This is a great question. The DS community has some very smart BDC experts that would be able to answer this with precision. I know our BDC works off a CRM in which Management sets goals for each BDC rep depending on their performance. I think it comes down to individual performance due to the fact you wouldn't want someone with a new skill set rushing through calls to hit a target. I would also be interested if anyone has a specific number?
Lezlie Brannan
Do you have processes set up in your CRM for each lead that includes making calls and emails? If so, you can add more email tasks for the salespeople to do during the life of the lead process.
Lauren Moses
Chris, I think the major thing you should look at here is, If your top guys have time to send over 200 emails a day, then why can't the weakest? Obviously the ones sending fewer aren't using their time wisely to get enough out. You don't want to spam peoples inboxes but you do want to keep them up to date and interested in purchasing a vehicle. Message me your email and I can forward you a basic follow up schedule that someone on here was kind enough to share with me. I don't have it down to an aren't and tailored to our store quite right just yet but it is helping. As far as total followups I think 25 is a good number. If they are working 9 hour days that is roughly 2.75 emails an hour. They don't need to be some long lengthy drawn out emails. Just a quick "hey just wanted to check in. We got some new inventory in that is close to what you are looking at. Check out these links to some I think would work for you. Have a great day!" works wonders. That took me all of a minute to type. They should be cruising through the emails. Hope that helps. Lezlie makes a good point too. If you are using a CRM you can set tasks that they have to do. It reports back to you who is or isn't completing tasks. Guaranteed your tops guys complete theirs.
Chris Pyle
Yes we do use a CRM Lezlie , and it's being updated with the new version of Contact Management soon (thank the lord...) The problem is lack of focus on proper CRM usage for so many years prior to my arrival here. Thankfully I have the powers that be on board now and I'm winning over the team one by one. I was hoping to get a benchmark so it's not just me scheduling more b.s tasks (in their eyes) it's because that's what the most successful dealers are doing.
Chris Pyle
Thanks Lauren. Would love to take a look at that.

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