Need some BDC Payplan Help

Sheri Hudspeth
Looking to change our BDC Pay plan asap. If you have a good one that is working for your store can you email it to me? Thank you!
Michael Bilson
What is the current plan based on? Attendance? Dials? Appointments? Curious why you are looking to change? Increase BDC Rep Motivation or decrease overall cost?
jake klein
Most are Salary + Commission - For instance MY pay play As follows - 4% total profit on all Internet customers + show/sold ratio Bonuses + New car bonuses + used car bonuses 500$ a week
Sheri Hudspeth
Our BDC is fairly new. We have 3 reps, right now they are hourly + bonus. We are looking to increase rep motivation. They are using Auto Alert currently but we are still ironing out the kinks with the internet leads.
jake klein
Usually for Reps they do a Salary + bonus. Plus 10 for every Set / Confirmed apt on customers and bumps to 25$ for show rates. Also give incentives to make more by offering better bonuses.bonuses. Ie - Set 50 Apts - $250 set 75 apts - $350 Also Do monthly Rep of the month for an extra $150. This way its kind of dangling the carrot before the horse but also gives those reps something to look for. People do not realize this is the way auto dealerships are going. You need to have your reps taken care of. These people can make or break your month.
Tony Wood
We are currently running at this rate: Sales BDC - Hourly + $10 for appts set that show + $15 if they buy Service BDC - Hourly + $5 for appts set that show + $5 if there is a CPRO We are considering changing some things up potentially, but that is the current plan. Quick edit: We do not count Warranty work or ToyotaCare as CPRO's even though we're paid on them.

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