Need some help! How do you budget your marketing $$$?

Big Tom LaPointe
I know a bmw dealer that spends nearly 100% on digital marketing. maybe 7% on events. none on traditional media
Matt Lowery
I know several dealers that are over 90% digital and are having great success. My dealership is currently around 35% digital vs traditional and we plan to increase this to around 50% (we are big on slow increases and careful analysis, so it takes time). Im shocked you are so low. I thought we were a dinosaur with 35%. You should really look at increasing it. My ROI for traditional is roughly $400 in advertising sells me a car, my digital is around $230 to sell that same care. Look at your own numbers, if you can sell cars cheaper online, why not increase that?
James Jalali
By looking at the numbers and statistics, traditional media is loosing its position and I believe in couple of years it will be completely out. About 12 years ago when I started my work at a dealership, they were spending 100% on traditional without any sort of monitoring, basically they didn't have any idea as far as numbers for any of advertising media, within 4 years we discontinued print media and replaced it with digital, result was saving about 50% on spending without any decrease in sale. Two year after that we tried print few time without any result and decided that print is not for us. Obviously you are missing big on digital media.
Shawn Ryder
In a recent article I read saw a customer quote saying "Since our world is becoming more and more digital... Enough with sending me something in the mail that I'm just going to throw away (thanks for the reminder, but waste of paper)." Of course it also said that from the service side 2% get email or phone reminders from service departments. The future is going to become more digital focused, so in turn so will the customer base.
Timothy Martell
As the owner of a digital marketing company, you might expect my response to echo those already commenting on this thread. Much of what is being said here is way off base. Digital is an incredibly important part of the marketing equation, but it is still just marketing. Certainly, it comprises an array of media where people are spending an enormous amount of time, but it should not be viewed as the only marketing solution. Remember, there is a reason your OEM still invests millions to billions of dollars on TV each year. It amazes me to still see so many people think that this is an either/or equation. Bear in mind, each person here is basing their commentary on their unique experience in their market. This hardly comprises a valid sample of data on which to base a decision. The real answer is, test. Should you be involved in digital marketing to some degree? Of course. But the mix that is going to best work for your store is going to be unique (to some degree) to your store. So make adjustments and test. Generally speaking, if your store is in a metro market your digital spend should be at least 50% of your total marketing budget. Then based on the volume/gross profit mix of your store you can taylor it up or down based on how aggressive your store can afford to be. The more limited the budget, the more spend should be focused on conversion based spend and less on traditional.
Christian Cannella
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