New and used car pack

Donnie Goertzen
How much is your dealership pack on new and used vehicles? Do you think this is a fair amount? This is a hot topic at our delership at this point. We have a $820 front end pack. Then after the sale they add a $610 pack. all are charged to unit before commission is paid to sales. I have a hard time keeping sales people because of this. This is the only dealership I have worked for so I am not sure what the proper amount is. Please give me some direction! We also add a $280 for a 3 month 3k warranty to most of our used vehicles....Thats $1710 before we figure the commission is paid.
Ron Henson
Hey Donnie, That seems quite excessive. What percentage of your deals are earning a "mini" payable commission? I can see why you are having a difficult time retaining sales consultants.
Donnie Goertzen
Thanks Ron for responding. This must be a taboo subject, nobody wants to give their opinions on this. Any idea of industry average on packs?
Ron Henson
There is a lot of variation on packs, but you are definitely on the very high end of the scale.
Shannon Hammons
Do you have a doc fee as well? Sounds like a greedy dealer
Donnie Goertzen
Anyone you could recommend to contact that might help give me some ammunition to take to the owners. We are a New Hyundai, Mazda, GMC, and Buick Dealer. We also stock aprox 80 used. We avg around 35 new and 35 used per month. We are located in SW Kansas the dealership has been in business for around 40 years

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