New-hire Orientation

Bart Wilson

What are some of the most important factors of your new-hire orientation process? 

Derrick Woolfson

We make a point of having the new hire work with all of our departments. Everything from sitting in with parts, service, accounting, recon department, etc. We have found that this is very effective as they tend to be more appreciative of how the "internal" processes work. The biggest factor to consider is "TIME." You cannot expect someone - even with experience - to come in and go to town. They need to learn your dealers processes. For the dealers that forgo the training process (even a weeks worth) are not doing themselves any favors. They will find that it actually disrupts their processes, and causes for unnecessary frustration. All that to say, take the TIME to explain how you do things as each dealer is different. 

Morgan Hardy

We do not have an actual "new hire training or orientation". Training is done by manager's initially and then they usually end up shadowing a senior rep unless they've been in sales before. 

Jennifer Bueckert

We(in the parts department)usually introduce our new hires to service and sales departments to familiarize them with how their processes affect the parts department .

Robert Niven

A new-hire needs to know who the dealership is. What core values are the dealership based on. How are these values implemented on a day to day basis. 

Bart Wilson

I agree @Robert. New-hire orientation should give the employee an understanding of the dealership culture and values. They can learn the processes and products over time, but it's crucial that they understand why you are in business.

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