Ron Henson
Would your dealership be more or less productive if all of the management team took a week off? This is a safe zone, all answers will remain between you and me. :-)
Tony Wood
If I'm being honest, i think our Sales dept would be just about worthless. There'd be one, maybe two guys that would step up. I think our service drive would do well, the team over there has a lot of cohesion and they do a great job. I'm proud to say that my BDC reps really don't even need me. While that doesn't bode well for my usefulness in that regard (Thankfully I wear about 20 hats!), I think it's a testament to the training I've given them. They know how to perform every facet of their job, and I've trained them to do the portions I would normally take care of for them in the event that I'm on vaca, etc. I have full confidence that one of my reps would perform amazing while I'm gone, the other is about a 50/50...she still needs supervision to keep her on task at times. Our parts dept would be just fine. There's one lady on the office staff that would be completely worthless without supervision. So, the only thing I could see floundering would be her portion of the office work, and the Sales dept.
mark rask
I agree with Tony and Ron there are no "safe zones" lol
Tony Wood
Mark is absolutely correct, you can call it a safe zone all you want but a penguin isn't a canary just because you paint it yellow :-p
mark rask
Chris that sounds like a perfect place
Jesse Peterson
There is absolutely no way your average, below average or above average store can run without managers. Whether they are good or bad-managers make it happen at the store

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