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Mark Rask

Have any of you guys got any great ideas from a digital standpoint on how to promote quick popup sales ?


Brendan Dolan

While using potassium chloride from Shiv is a great outside the box idea, I stuck to more traditional methods. 

I'd to focused email campaigns with templates that looked handwritten.

Hey ~first name,

I just chatted with my Manager, and he's discounting ~models down to $xx,xxx this weekend, plus fees. Yada yada yada call to action

I'd then update the specials landing page on my website, update the nav drop downs to reflect the specials, update the ad copy of my SEM campaigns to include the offer, and update the home page sliders if I had enough time to get it back from my designer. 

Combo of website, SEM, and email seemed to shake enough interest out of shoppers online and from our CRM. 

Derrick Woolfson

@Brendan, we have also done the email campaign - I usually do this when we have older aged units to move (new & pre-owned). We run an Ad campaign on FB, and the click-through goes to a custom landing page with the "flash sale," which expires that Saturday night at close. If the customer clicks-through after the "flash-sale" it will say "sorry you missed out, but here's a 'coupon,' and then they can click through to specials. We have had some success with it and are going to keep it up. 

Tori Zinger

Brendan you kill me lol. Spam removed :)

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