Online Super Sale

Russ Chandler
Has anyone taken the "Super Sale" online? Huge prize giveaways and promises of huge discounts is what brought in hundreds of ups in these 3-5 day events. Advertising prominently through direct-mail and newspaper inserts was the next best thing to the pocket when I first arrived in the business, but what about now? Since online shopping has made such an impact on the automotive market we have seen less and less of these super sales. My knee-jerk reaction was we obviously can't run these sales and possibly stay parallel with this rest of our marketing. Our dealer message is about offering the best value you can find with the most honest and simplistic process for the customer. That doesn't exactly come to mind when I think of my past experiences with massive amounts of tire-kickers looking for their prize. After some long thought and a little inspiration I thought why not reinvent the super sale online. Is it possible to bring a new face and strategy to an old approach and very successful marketing plan? My vision consists of one message on all online channels; email marketing, website banners, third party optimizing, PPC campaigning, social messages, and even digital TV. There is more then enough people that we can get our message in front of and I have never seen any dealers offer the HUGE prizes that have always and consistently brought hoards of customers coming through my door to see if they have one. These sales can cost anywhere from 12k-40k for a 3-7 day long sale. I feel like you could get your message out to equal amount of customers for less money or a much larger audience with the same type of budget. Most dealers are going to a data-base of sold and previous shoppers that they can continue to market and re-market, especially on the social side of things. The ROI for such a sale and the ability to capture so many customers into your online following is intriguing. A well thought out plan to incorporate your social groups and the right incentives and I feel like you could bring a whole new meaning to super sale. For many dealers this would be a HUGE jump start to a new website or Facebook page. It all rides on the question of what large incentives could online and the idea that you must make it into the dealership within a 5 day sale actually convert into people actually coming into the dealership. Having customers join your Facebook family or register their information that can be added to your data-base would be a huge benefit online. Still this would take a very well organized sale that would have to be executed efficiently and without mistake. Anyone that has managed one of these old-fashion marketing plans in the past would probably say that sounds about right for a Super Sale.
Russ Chandler
No feedback huh? Is anyone still running these sales? Any success?
Chris Costner
It definitely is an idea Russ but to be quite honest it doesn't excite me just as the big "Super Sale" events never did. I think our digital shopper has moved beyond the "prize" they could win if you ask me and hanging that "carrot" in all of our digital marketing would do just about the same. Do we really need a "prize" to get the customer to our dealership these days or have we gotten better at selling our appointments and converting these digital prospects to showroom customers? I would have to go with the latter if you ask me. I think taking the approach you are discussing and including it in a dealership's "social" platforms is bad news. Content and engagement is so crucial here and "spamming" everyone to join this or that for the "prize" will definitely hurt you more in my opinion rather than help.

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