Open Sunday? Yes or No?

Jessi Kessel
I have a dealer friend who is holding a targeted Sales Event using Bumper App. He is thinking of extending his event through to Sunday when they are normally not open. Is it worth opening on the Sunday? how many more sales can he expect vs. not opening?
Ron Henson
Hi Jessi, How long has this dealer been in the community? Is the community conditioned that he is traditionally closed on Sunday? Are most or all of the dealers in the area closed on Sunday? There are several Blue Law states that are required to be closed.
Jessi Kessel
Ron to answer your questions, this is a dealer in Toronto, Canada. There is no law that says you cannot be open on Sunday. They have been around for 30 years and are traditionally closed on Sundays like most dealers. They are contemplating if it's worth opening up that can of worms. Other dealers in the area might take notice and do the same, I don't know. This would only be for a special event that they are having so not an ongoing thing.
Mark Miller
Here in Colorado, dealers cannot be open on Sunday, so I have no real world experience. My first thought though, even being a one off special event, it may put the idea out that the dealership will be open on Sunday. Other than that, I think it is a good way to attract people as more people are off and could potentially attend and it sets them apart from other dealers.
Sami Aqqad
Sheri so you guys open 7 days or do you close another day
Dorsey West
Almost all of our clients are dealers that are not open on Sundays. However, our dealers generate the majority of their leads from our system on Sundays because so many potential car buyers come out to visit their lots then. Also, the response from following up with these leads on Sunday has been excellent, which leads me to believe that it may be worthwhile for some dealers to be open (if your state allows it), at least in the afternoon. Ultimately, I think the pros and cons will be different for each dealer, based on a number of factors (including local consumer perception) - what's good for one dealer may not work for another.

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