Out with the Old in With News

Amanda Gordon

As the business is transforming and the "old" way of selling is long gone, how do you train old dogs new tricks. Our past three sales people have not been on board with the new age of marketing on social and, of ones self, so I find myself questioning if hiring the new generation is the only way to have a  successful salesforce when the older generation refuses to learn the new way.  Im completely perplexed, especially when I train DAILY to keep up with the industry that I call home. Thoughts.

Amanda Gordon

Not the headline I intended..."Out with the old, in with the New" was my intention. 

Mark Rask

man everyone needs to make time for this  

I am really surprised it hasn't become a requirement of all business that have salespeople. Can you do that, make it a requirement of employment ahead of time?  

Chris K.

We've trended towards hiring NON-CAR salespeople, but even then you have challenges. Such as to impress upon them WHAT the virtues of a concerted follow-up effort means, WHY entering data into the CRM is important, and NEVER let a customer leave without touching the desk. You know, the stuff the old sales guys don't do either. All these things are the differentiators between a $25,000 a year salesperson, and a $75,000+ a year salesperson.

I'm also thinking that a wage + sales volume bonus will be the new pay plan for car dealers in the not-so-distant future - thanks to 3rd party websites, structure-your-phony-deal, and all that.  Also, we are revamping our Privacy Policy and if we catch our inventory on any 3rd party website site Q2 in  2018 - you will be sued to smithereens.

Derrick Woolfson

@Chris, you raise a great point - dealers would be shocked if they knew about all of the endemic sites that house their inventory. All without the dealers' permission. Not to mention the fact that pricing is not always correct, which can cause an unnecessary interaction with prospective customers.  

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