Outsourced BDC?

Stan Sher
I have yet to see an outsourced BDC company that offered true value. Outsourced BDC companies are not in the dealership to know what is going on. They just make appointments and you never know how good the quality is. Dealers and GMs complain that having an in house BDC is a huge expense. My response is that you get what you pay for. Get an outsourced BDC company and pay them a fraction of what it costs to have a staff and you will get the low ROI and poor performance. But make the investment in the right people and training and your investment return over and and over again.
Marta Liddiard
As an in house BDC rep for a Hyundai dealership, forget outsourcing! I have recently replaced the outsourced system. Like Stan says, third parties are not present and they never get the info right! Ex. my hubby sells Chrysler for another group of dealerships, the BDC department there was dissolved due to poor management. They have now implemented a third party BDC. I called one afternoon to book my car for a service appointment. The appt. turned out to be a disaster. I called for a LOF, alignment check, inside wipe down with a vaccum and exterior wash, IF they had time. The rep said no problem. Nothing was done! Nothing. A) I called on a Thursday, looking for a Sat appt. Rep needs to know that there is a reduced staff on Sat. B) Don't book a clean and wash when the clean up crew doesn't even work on a Sat. I was very unhappy. Currently at Hyundai, my customers love the fact that I am actually in the building. If I do not know the answer right away, I tell them I will call back. Which I do. Customers just want to know that someone cares and keeps their promises. Quite often I will come out of my office and greet customers, especially if it's their first time to the dealership.
Jennifer Kidd
We have had much success as an outsourced BDC.
Jennifer Kidd
And when I have a moment I would love to expand on that!!
Michael Bilson
Conversica will act as an entire BDC Department, setting appointments and following up for your entire sales staff. Keeps everything in-house and in your control. Does not change your process or content but will ensure it gets followed. The cost is less than hiring a full time BDC Rep and most users see a 50% increase in conversion to showroom traffic. The additional benefit is dealaers are able to identify when the content sent from the Salesperson out of CRM does not reach the consumer when following up.
Tony Wood
Our experience with outsourced BDCs have not been very positive. Now that we have the internal BDC we're seeing real changes in numbers. There's been an impressive increase in both sales and service. I'd recommend internal BDC's over external every day of the week.

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