Owner Loyalty

Mark Rikess

Does anyone have unique methods to achieve above average owner loyalty?

Jason Stum

Food for thought: Customer Loyalty is directly related to Employee Loyalty. So for my money, I'd invest in my employees before I invested in some kind of loyalty "system".

Mark Rikess

Completely agree culture is key. But, when a great culture gets married to outstanding processes/technology you have a real winner.

Maddy Low

For me, service here is key. I am loyal to a brand once I've had the service done and I evaluate the experience there.

I agree with Maddy. I have created a number of "raving fans" or "advocates" so to speak that really keep a flow of referrals coming and support me on social media. All of the loyalty they show me is from the service I have given them. That's it. I started focusing on my Facebook page more and that has really helped with frequent engagement and staying on their mind.

Mathew Thomas

I'll give you a practical note on this.  Along with my agreement with Jason Stum, and assuming that your sales professionals are well-trained in communications, after the first 30-days of ownership, your sales professionals must follow up with your customers no longer than 90 days from their previous conversation with them.  In essence, reach out to your customers once every 90 days without missing a beat.  (I would love to call once every 30-60 days but it depends on your type of customer). 

Don't tell them, "Hey we have a sale going on...when are you going to buy a car again?"  Remember, this is a relationship business.  Just call to see how they are doing..."how was your son's baseball game last Saturday?", etc.  When they see that they have a "friend" (YOU) in the business, why would they want to buy from anyone else in the future?  Of course, see who they know that you could be of help to everytime in the call as well, but that can be done at the right place during the phone call.  You will be surprised at the results. 

25 follow calls a day (not only owner base...but all follow-up) will yield 1 car deal per day.  (There are a lot of other metrics in between the 25 and 1 but I'll sum it up here)

I'm glad to see this question as I have taught about this many times.  Feel free to connect at my LinkedIn profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/mathewpthomas/


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