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Ron Henson
What is a good target for page views per visit on your website?
Jason Stum
According to Dataium for December 2014, the average came in at 6.9. So that would be a good starting point :) Source:
James Antos
A good target could be 1 or 20. Depends on what your attempting to accomplish. One of many examples could be that you have specific pages that should rank organically and draw traffic to your website. Consumers landing on these pages are looking for info on your product or service. If your page gives the consumer all the information they need and they leave the your page per visit is 1 and thats completely acceptable. Same If they fill a lead form out or call the dealership thats a win. If a user reads what they needed and shows up at the dealership that page converted properly. Page views is a metric and not how you determine a site's performance. All visitors have a different path to purchase. I find it hard to lump visitors in to categories. Page views draw a vague conclusion on how the site is performing.
James Altemus
It is almost impossible to determine in a vacuum of a single data point. Most analytic measures by themselves are somewhat meaningless. What is your time on site? What about bounce rate? How many clicks are required for a user to get from your home page to the info they are most likely looking for? How specific is your advertising and how deep are your links? Are you trying to make your site "sticky"?
Dealer Support
Measure conversions At the end of the day, that is what counts. If you (like most people) use google analytics, they offer a way to track conversions and attach a value to them So, if you value a "contact" as conversion, assign it a value and use that to track returns You can tweak your marketing spend by looking at your conversion return and %
Grant Gooley
I have a goal for 5+ per visit... This is "in general". It TOTALLY depends on your goal of the visitor and the campaign that drove them to the website. On average you want people to "research" and spend time on your site. So if they find you organically a good amount is 5+ like I said.

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