Pay Plan for Sales Associate

Matteo Batelli

I am looking for recommendations about pay plan to our sales associates. We do have around 80 cars and we are independent dealer. Our pay plan is Commission + Bonus. Do you guys can give me a suggestion for efficient pay plan examples. 

Matteo Batelli

Anyone ?

Bart Wilson

Why are you looking to change your pay plans?  What are your objectives?

I think that will determine how you structure your sales comp.  

Matteo Batelli

Objective is some of our sales are not happy with flat pay for each sale because we have 200 for each sale. I was looking different option with bonus pay plan so we may change it to better one.

Ricky Patrick

Why not pay a percentage of front-end gross? Then the unit bonus or something.

Amanda Gordon

No way on a percentage as the sales associate does not contribute their money or time to acquiring the vehicle. If you have an email I can shoot you over what I use for our team. It is a tierd flat program with bonuses at certain levels and spiffs for things such as hat tricks, sold apts and positive reviews and we have an EXTREMELY happy team. 

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