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Vic Austin
Was wondering if anyone has in place a used car play plan that works well. I’m looking to change mine because it simply doesn’t add up.
Jared Hamilton
HI Vic, We had a UC Manager pay plan that worked really well for us. The UCM was paid a % of gross. (standard right? ... usually you want your desk managers as a whole to be paid about 10% of the gross - Nada guideline) This is where it got fun. The % of gross motivates them for gross and volume, really to maximize the balance between the two. (im a big fan of market pricing) But we also wanted to motivate the manager to do a series of other things: a) Turn the cars out of reconditioning and get them on the lot in a timely fashion. b) Manage the wholesale for a $100 avg per car (between the big losses and the wins) c) Manage a mandatory vehicle turn of 60 days MAX. d) Average Gross PVR e) Average days in inventory of vehicles sold. f)Total Days supply of Inventory etc. g) Look to book trade ratio. We put each of the above "focus points" on a 10 point scale, something tangable that was not subjective, such as: a) Turn the cars out of reconditioning and get them on the lot in a timely fas

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