Pay Plans for BDC Managers

Lisa Casaccio
I am changing my pay plan for my BDC Manager. I would like some input as to what everyone is doing out there. I am considering a Salary plus X for Shown Appts and X for Solds attributed to the BDC. Can I get a range for Salary and how much is being paid to a BDC Manager for shown appts as well as solds. I am in a rural market selling 92 units per month on average. My Bdc consists of one manager, one sales BDC rep, one service BDC rep and one part-timer.
Lisa Casaccio
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Scott Hembrough
It is always suggested to "back into" your pay plan which means additional information is needed: How many leads received per month? Is the BDC taking in-coming calls for sales? If so, how many on an average month? Same question for service? How aggressive will your BDC be in calling unsold. or will it be more Pro-Active? What Data mining tool do you have and will that be part of your BDC responsibilities? Lisa the best is to see clearly what it will look like when running perfectly, then you build incentive plans to get you there. Scott
Chris K Leslie
Do what you feel is right. If youre happy with the plan and the person is happy with the plan. That should be that. Don't dig so far in the weeds that you end up spending more time trying to figure out proper attribution over doing actual work. BTW, none of us have it figured out anyways we are always changing it.
Becky Parker
As a BCD Manager I would love to share my thoughts on OUR pay. In the dealerships I have had the pleasure to work the BDC/Internet Sales Departments, most of the time is spent hiring and training. It takes a special person to sit and make 80 plus phone calls a day. When you do find them they realize that they can set appointments and some move on to a medical field. Our BDC "data mines" as well as working the list from various sales etc., we take all of the Internet Leads and we call them, text them and email them until they come in or say stop. Most BDC's have a bit of drama and need a strong person guiding them. If you are able to find a person who can juggle all of the above, please pay them good, pat them on the back and have a really good bonus plan they can reach for. May I repeat myself and say its a tough job and not many can sit and talk on the phone all day plus train and contain 3 or 4 employees. I agree with Chris do what you think is right and the weeds thing too..
Bill Wittenmyer
It's been my experience that a system of "checks and balances" really honors the role the BDC Manager has in leading one of the most important departments in your dealership. A salary plus a bonus for the number of Solds directly attributed to the BDC -- addresses the "checks" part of the equation. The bonus for Solds ties the Manager's reward directly to the leadership and the performance of their department. A bonus structure for BDC sales and service reps, plus your part-timer could include the number of appointments set -- that's where the "balances" comes into play. If everyone's fortunes are tied to just shown appointments, the quality of those appointments tends to go down. As for salary ranges for your region, I would suggest investigating NADA 2014/2015 workplace studies. I believe the information includes average salaries for a variety of roles inside the dealership, as well as regional pay information. If you are a member of NADA, they are currently offering customized reports to members who participate in this year's study. Here are some sample pages from the 2015 study conducted which does include average BDC salaries for you. Hope this helps in your decision making.

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