Payment Quotes via email

Brad Maslowski
Yes. Not giving payments might remove you from their shopping list. It also could make it look like your hiding something. The days of telling customers they have to come in to see the price/payments are gone.
Shannon Hammons
Yes. If you don't answer their questions or give them a price your dead in the water. If you can't be transparent you are asking for failure. Gotta be the customer, so if you were the customer how would you feel if you didn't get the price quote?
James Klaus
Yes, you must give the customer the information they are looking for.
Bill Simmons
Absolutely. If we don't give them the info that they want, they'll find another dealer that does.
Matt Watson
Ron, I've been dealing with this issue in a particular way for a couple years and unfortunately the simplest answer is "sort of" and "it depends". This may or may not apply to you. We had to make this move for new cars AND IT WORKED. It depends: The biggest obstacle in my dealership is having a nearby competitor selling the same product. If you follow exactly what was mentioned above then you have a 50/50 chance of being the lowest. Giving no number, as mentioned, is a dis-qualifier (I've never actually seen this data, but I believe it!). If you are the lone store in your market for your particular make then the rest of this may not be for you. Sort-of: So if you have a close-by competitor you still want to answer their question, but be BROAD with your answer and think "value" before price. If the lead was not VIN specific then you don't have to be VIN specific. Tell them the range of those vehicles and tell them your max rebates/discounts available on that model. Tell them the price of one a trim level higher and lower and list the features. Give them price without a hard number so they can't print it out and drive to your competitor. Then comes the value. A broad price may save you from disqualification, but it's your dealership's value that will give that extra nudge. Always mention your benefits, free oil changes, nitrogen tires, sales event, etc. The underlying fact here is that only 50-60%(some say less) of shoppers buy exactly what they were shopping for online. Get them in the door so your sales professionals can work their magic! This is absolutely a situational approach, but I can promise it was a problem we had and have really reeled in some cross shoppers we would have lost otherwise. Don't accept 50/50!
Big Tom LaPointe
you don't necessarily have to give a price on the first response, any more than you have to when a guest first walks on the lot. there are a ton of factors that can affect 'best price' - buying now (incentives change), current vehicle (loyalty or conquest $). sometimes you get the hardcore person who only wants your best price now, but as much as half the time I have been able to get them into the store to build some real value - ..."even if I could get you $xx discount, it wouldn't matter if you don't love the car..."

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