Personality Matrix as a Manager; Idea Good or Bad

Kheneil Black
I was thinking the other day I have never been in charge of anyone but my self, but I enjoy inspiring others to be better. I would one day like to be a manager of some sort. I had an idea that when I become a manager it may be a good idea to build a Personality Comparison Matrix. The Idea is simple. Make of list of the things I find joy in in life. example Movie Genres, Favorite foods, Music genres ect. and have my team initial the things they share joy in. We can then build our team atmosphere accordingly. Would this work? or create conflict? Maybe this could be an experiment??
Grant Gooley
I think that's a great idea! A team that knows how to communicate, is the best team. Anything that helps people feel comfortable with each other will support communication, especially when it's fun.
Chad Sabatka
Not quite what you're describing, but all new hires in our auto group completes the Gallup Strength's Finder. This allows us to determine possible future managers, team leads, and fit people into specialized roles or positions.
Kheneil Black
That's a great idea Chad! That helps to build the careers and confidence of those on your team. My approach is more about getting to know the person on a personal level. To build comfort and familiarity. So that the line between Boss and Colleague are thinned. My thought was about building a stronger team both inside and outside the office. However your Gallup Strength Finder is a more professional approach. I would like to apply both approaches.
Mike Jeffs
Like Chad said, StrengthFinder is fantastic, Khenell. Great to share the results with those around fact after you take the test, Gallup provides you with a analysis and tips for co-workers to look for when working you.
Kheneil Black
Thanks for the advice Chad and Mike. I'll definitely look into this Strength Finder. I'm not a manager yet. However I can get familiar with SF before hand.

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