Presenting CarFax / CarProof Data to Customers

Shawn Ryder
As we all know accidents happen and cars need to repaired - which is recorded by insurance companies, police reports and more. When presenting these to used car customers - at what point in the process do you present these? What is the biggest total repair you have presented and had a customer purchase?
Mike Lusnak
Chris I agree with your Rule #1. Never bring up Carfax period. Every Carfax, weather it appears "clean" to us can scare (or confuse) a customer to the point of having to think it over. For example, if they did routine transmission flushes, the customer may ask I wonder if they felt the transmission having issues and tried to save it.. oil changes every 5k instead of 3k or others.. STEP #2 -- Presenting a BAD or Accident Reported Carfax when asked by customer. I always print it out in my office then walk it out to the customer and say, well its only been in 4 MINOR wrecks.. the customers suddenly will look shocked..then I simply say, i'm just joking, but it did have 1 wreck here in 2014, and they kept driving it for another 1 1/2 years so it must not have been bad. ( Give them a justification and make it simple. ) Keep in mind, that they aren't a body-shop tech, and hopefully your dealership will still ensure safety of frame, air bags, ect..
Shawn Ryder
Are there different regulations in different locations? Or is it accepted that it doesn't need to be shown unless asked?
Kelvin Johnson

I only present vehicle history report when asked, of course but I'm trying my best to be transparent in order to build trust :)

Timothy Lewis

I just wanted to share this to all dealers! If you are serious in building trust with your potential customers and increase your leads 5x than the usual, I suggest that you run vins and provide data as much as possible from different sources. Don't just rely on a singe report. The more accurate, the better.  We were on experimenting this and tried a month subscription with VINAUDIT. We signed up, pid $20 monthly fee and then unlimited reports for just $1 each. We present 2-3 reports and the results worth it

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