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Christopher Murray
Recently (this morning actually) we decided to go without Cars.Com, Auto Trader, etc.... for 90 days and, instead, promote our web site with a billboard and in every ad. Question: What is the best way to promote the web site in our market?
Chris Halsey
Sounds like a bit of a gamble to me. The most effective campaigning I have experience didn't limit exposure to just one channel. I would honestly consider continuing using multiple channels of exposure and use promotions to track each channel to pinpoint their levels of effectiveness and prioritize according.
Wade Golden
Sounds like a gamble to me as well, but I'll be back in 90 days (or sooner) to see how well it's working out for you. I've been curious about this as well. Especially since some of them keep adding more and more upgrades that you can't compete without, but in the end, would have been better without. I tend to think that you should maximize channels that produce more (and more quality) leads. At the same time, AutoTrader, and the like have become staples to many vehicle shoppers, especially in the used market.
Mike Jeffs
That will be interesting to see how it affects your website traffic, Christopher. At Presidents Club this week, Gary Vaynerchuk was hitting this topic a bit and talking about adding value and relevance to customers to drive foot and website traffic to your store through social channels. His argument was this...he asked the audience: how many of you watch TV on your own time when it's convenient through your DVR, Netflix or Hulu? Almost everyone raised their hands. He also challenged attendees the next time their driving to look at the passengers in other many passengers are looking at their cell phones—Or drivers for that matter? Keep us posted, Christopher!
Christopher Murray
I will keep you all posted. To clarify this location is a start-up that sold the first car in November of 2013 with no advertising budget whatsoever. January only saw 17 cars, February just under 30, 45 for March and we are pacing 66 for April with no investment in Auto Trader or Cars.Com. All of us, that were involved in the decision, have reservations but adding expenses to a start-up, no matter how successful, is a significant risk in and of itself.
William Havican
Long story short, we cut Autotrader and kept about 9 months ago and sunk a lot of that money in to other internet marketing (PPC, re-targeting, etc.) and have been happy with the results. I wish I had specific numbers to throw out there for you but I'm still working on gathering data (or more honestly other pressing issues keep causing me to procrastinate).

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