Ron Henson
Have you ever been held back from a promotion at the dealership because "You're too good at what you do?"
Mark Miller
Not at the dealerships, but when I was a claims adjuster they wouldn't promote me to manager because they would have had to hire 3 people to do the volume I did. The competition saw this and hired me away so I could train people to be as efficient as I was. Had the first company looked at it the same, they could have had more than 1 of me, but they saw it as a position to fill.
Tony Wood
Not as of yet with the dealership. However, I was a General Manager for a retail chain and my District Manager told me, "I can't move you up because I have no one to put in your place that will provide that same quality performance." I literally had all of the managers below me trained and prepared to take my spot just so I could move up. I explained this to him but since they weren't quite at the same level of performance I was on the numbers side of things, he didn't think they were ready. I gave him plenty of time to change his mind before begrudgingly moving on. He has since contacted me and told me that I did a stellar job training my staff and that he was wrong not to give me the opportunity even going so far as to offer me the opportunity since he had it available again. By then I had already established myself here and declined, but it's extremely frustrating. While I was promoted here rather quickly, I am concerned about opportunity for advancement from my current position. There is no real way up from here with this particular auto group and to further advance myself in Sales or Service I would essentially have to sidestep to a management position in them first. It isn't an issue at the moment. However, looking forward to see no room for advancement, it is an issue at the moment. If that makes sense.

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