Prospecting in the service drive

Ron Henson
What are some successful techniques your dealerships are using to prospect in the service drive?
Sean Travers
If any RO takes more than an hour, have a sales consultant offer them a test drive during their wait. I've also worked with dealerships who train their service advisors to check mileage and warranty on every vehicle, and check for upsell opportunties (sales and service related).
Carl Maeda
I have visited a few dealerships who do this very well. They look at the equity in the car being brought in for service and if it makes sense, they then sell them an upgrade for equal to or less than what they are paying now. If the dealer is able to combine the offer with incentives, its' even better. One dealership even puts together and prints out sell packets for anyone that made appointments the day before.
Shawn Ryder
Obviously the service drive is key to bringing in used inventory for selling - along with building rapport with customers on the drive that can be cycled back to sales. Since there is the amount of data available - preplanning a scheduled visit with a customer when they arrive allows dealers to talk with customers to learn about any changes in their life (kids, lifestyle, etc) and learn what they like / dislike about the vehicle. Based on that obviously can lead to test drive other vehicles or get to know more about their current needs.
mark rask
We are using auto alert and have a dedicated person in the drive
Grant Gooley
Data Mining works great in service if rolled out properly. Like Mark said, having someone dedicated is even better!

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